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  • At Sanville we transmit live services from all regional and national churches!

  • Place your bets on Saturdays?! Fancy a little gamble? Feeling lucky? Let us know and we will do the betting! Fingers crossed its a winner..

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Social activities of all kinds are arranged by the staff, and all residents are encouraged to join in if willing.

Individual choice will be respected. 

Musical entertainers, story tellers and other local talent visit our residents regularly. To encourage intergenerational awareness, we also work collaboratively with local community groups.

When the weather permits, those residents that wish to spend some of their time outside, go shopping or get out and about are helped and encouraged by the staff to do so.

Community members and groups are always welcome and encouraged to come and visit Sanville.

We pride ourselves in our activities programmes which are of an extremely high standard and are an enjoyable experience for 

one and all.

We also welcome family and friends input and our programmes are dictated by residents likes and interests.

Ministers and members of religious organisations are extremely welcome in Sanville at all times.

Examples of our weekly activities include:

Baking, Bingo, Bible Reading, Beauty therapy, Words within words game, Youtube videos, Movie time with popcorn.....